Window cleaning (Lviv)

The windows are the face of your company or home. <іtrong> Window cleaning must be held once a month. Washing windows in houses, apartments, cottages for maintenance of cleanliness should be carried out twice a year (spring and autumn).


Washing windows is a hard work, and the quality of washing depends on the ability to wash the window cleaner. When washing the windows you should wash not only the window itself and also the frame of the window. Why do you need it? Because apart from the glass on the frame, too, there is going to be dirt, both inside and outside the frame. Where opening the window you need to thoroughly rinse the dirt.

Shop windows and shopping malls should be cleaned once a month. Due to the large flow of people, the windows start to become polluted on average 2 weeks after washing. The appearance of the show-windows affects the impressions of customers, so keep the windows up clean.

If you use the services of a cleaning company, you get a really professional cleanliness and luster . After all, cleaning these surfaces requires really high-quality professional equipment, equipment and specially trained personnel.
  By taking advantage of the services of the cleaning company “Cleaner”, you get perfectly clean windows, windows and signage in a short time, get pleasure from the result and find yourself one more step ahead of your competitors!

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