Dry rugs (Lviv)

Carpet dry cleaning

Nothing says cleanliness of a room like clean floor , especially carpets. No other place in your home that absorbs so much dirt can affect the look of the house like carpets. A dirty rug also poses a threat to you and your children. A large amount of dirt, dust, and various microorganisms accumulate in the carpet that you will not see.

In order to save the look , and your health, your carpet should be professionally refined every 12 months. As a result of self-cleaning the carpet, the product retains a lot of detergent and dirt, and you can not achieve the desired result yourself.


Specially trained employees of the Prybyrach company, with the help of professional equipment, will effectively remove dirt, detergents and moisture from your carpet .

By taking advantage of the cleaning services of the Prybyrach Company, you get immaculately clean rugs and upholstered furniture, save your strength and energy and enjoy the result! For ordering services “Carpet dry cleaning” or “Dry cleaning” Carpet “in Lviv, call +38 (032) 253-53-73 or email info@prybyrach.com.ua .

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